And what if I wasn’t made for speaking in public ?

In the United States, a study found that the fear of speaking in public was stronger than the fear of dying… it’s crazy, and yet it’s true. 75% of Americans surveyed dread public speaking! So, let’s start by reassuring ourselves: we don’t risk our lives by speaking in public.

“Ah, we already feel better!” Beyond the anecdote, this study reveals a real uneasiness vis-à-vis public speaking. The exercise generates so many unpleasant feelings and emotions, that some people wonder if in the end, they’re just “not made for that.”

Is this your case? Welcome to ZEPRESENTERS; today we offer you a consultation to finally make an accurate diagnosis.


The first symptoms: 

When you speak do you have uncontrollable physical reactions? Do you tremble, blush, or stutter? Or, though it doesn’t show, does your heart beat way too fast and hard?

The diagnosis

Good news! You’re apt to speak in public. Like the majority of people, you’re experiencing stage-fright stress. To understand why there is so much going on in your body, we recommend this short video, which explains the problem perfectly: (e-think link > zapping).

We grant you that it’s extremely unpleasant. But once you get past the adrenaline rush, you always pull through and get the exercise right.

To better manage this moment, here are three exercises to avoid stress.


The side effects:

Although you are perfectly prepared, when you approach an audience your ideas get muddled. Unlike your daily work life, where you have no trouble talking to your colleagues, in front of an audience you feel inhibited and you lose your train of thought. Does this speak to you?

The diagnosis

This is yet again good news! Nothing prevents you from becoming a good speaker. On the other hand, it is a safe bet that you are introverted.

Indeed, we often hear “introverts are not as good at speaking as extroverts.” But as Norman Thavaud puts it so well: FALSE!

Don’t confuse introversion and shyness. An introvert is just someone who recharges his batteries when he is alone. This is where he manages to reflect on the subjects and build on his thoughts. Conversely, social relationships are energy consuming for him, they require an effort and therefore, more preparation.

As for the extrovert, he will be stimulated by the presence of an audience. When the introvert feels embarrassed, the extrovert feels nourished and inspired in front of an audience. The problem with extroverts is precisely that, when alone, they don’t have as many ideas as when they’re surrounded by others. Because of that, they prepare less. We enjoy listening to them but they often don’t respect the timing and their remarks lack structure.

Therein lies the power of the introvert! He is more stimulated by being alone and therefore often takes more time to prepare his speeches, which are much clearer.

To bring this consultation to a close, rest assured that there are no counter-indications for speaking in public. However, we will issue you a simple prescription: Work, Rehearse, Debrief, Test!

Speaking is indeed a real skill, and like all skills, it takes practice and rehearsal.


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About Mégane Cajot

Mégane lived her first Pitch experience by giving one at the first edition of VivaTechnology in 2016. Her several experiences in the startups universe in EURATECHNOLOGIES made her realize that she wanted to support and help project holders bring their ideas to life. After more than a year in PUBLICIS and an international journey to discover the world, she came back to France with a furious desire to share her learnings while keep on learning from everyone she meets. Determined to turn her passions into her job, she joins ZEPRESENTERS in 2019. Working in tandem with both founders Bruno CLEMENT and Sébastien BERNARD, she has already lead high stakes projects with TF1, ADEO or RABOT DUTILLEUL. Her mission every day is to help transform complex strategies into clear, inspiring and embodied stories. Her motto : Take the plunge is the first step to success.