Breathing that soothes

Breathing mechanisms are complex and not limited to relaxation exercises. Whether in training or coaching, it is surprising to note that breathing is often relegated to obsolete recipes for yoga enthusiasts. Breathing effectively is a key element, especially to absorb the adrenaline rush that never ceases to grip every speaker before speaking.

Adrenaline increases the heart rate. The blood that flows to the lungs thus requires more oxygen. But the speaker, who’s fighting against the feeling of panic overcoming him, often forgets to breathe, preferring to quickly start talking to hide his distress. So the heart continues to beat, hoping to find air, while the speaker is getting short of breath, which further accentuates the symptoms of stress: chopped sentences and quavering voice.

If, on the other hand, you start speaking by taking two to three deep breaths, the sudden influx of air will efficiently oxygenate the blood and the heart will quickly resume a slower pace.