Clarify your ideas

You dream about calling out to your boss in the hallway, or raising your hand in a meeting to talk about your project… just ask yourself one question first: “What is the idea?”

The pitch is the trailer for your idea: an optimized message to brand your credibility and create enough curiosity so they want to find out more. In just a few minutes, you will be able to see the interest kindled by your idea without ever having to say too much.

4 tips to increase your influence

More and more companies are looking to awaken the leadership skills of their employees, at the risk of the word becoming clichéd. Far from being a fad, many companies have realized the importance of having team leaders, i.e., people who stand out for their autonomy, their involvement and their ability to get others moving.  …

Help, I have too much to say!

We have all seen overly long presentations, which we didn’t remember much about. And yet, when our turn comes to present, we tend to do exactly what we blame others for. The result: our presentations are also too long, with a lot of unnecessary details against the background of slides filled with tables and bullet…

The limits of a pitch in companies

The subject of the pitch is on everyone’s lips yet it is not the solution to everything. First of all, you would no doubt have to wonder what is a pitch anyway? A short speech that makes the audience want to know more? A way to unite teams and advance a project? In other words,…

3 tips on how to get pleasure out of presenting

In our Thursday tips, we often tell you that the goal in speaking is not to look comfortable or to have great stories to tell with nice slides to show… the goal is to truly feel what drives all those who know how to defend the cause of their ideas: enjoyment! Associating pleasure and public…

3 tips to rehearse with serenity

Do rehearsals stress you out? Do you tend to put them off, or even avoid them? Here are 3 tips to turn your rehearsals into an ally!

How to rally the troops around my cause?

Well done: You have a project that is close to your heart and you don’t know how to mobilize your teams around it? Here are 4 steps to motivate the troops!

How does the Pitch transform your organizations

The transformation of organizations is a hot topic in our digital age.
And it turns out that there is an essential tool to activate the transformation of an organization…

Help! They’re giving me 5 minutes instead of 20!

You’re happy this morning. Your supervisor just told you that you have 45 minutes to present your project in COMEX. But at the last minute, your Managing Director says: “I only have 5 minutes, what should I retain?” …Don’t worry you just need a method.

ZEPRESENTERS launches the 3rd version of HUBSTORY

Presentations are ever-present. Whether they are for obtaining financing for a new project, announcing a restructuring plan or proposing a new initiative, decision-making is systematically preceded by presentations. Speaking in public has thus insinuated itself into the very heart of the mechanisms that set companies in motion… or does it? Despite the stakes, more and…