Clarify your ideas

You dream about calling out to your boss in the hallway, or raising your hand in a meeting to talk about your project… just ask yourself one question first: “What is the idea?”

The pitch is the trailer for your idea: an optimized message to brand your credibility and create enough curiosity so they want to find out more. In just a few minutes, you will be able to see the interest kindled by your idea without ever having to say too much.

Why be simpler and more agile ?

If you assiduously follow us on the networks, it will not have escaped your attention that we have just launched the 3rd version of our HUBSTORY® method, synonymous with simplicity and agility. So how to get into agile mode in your work as well as in the preparation of your presentations?

Poisoned presentation

Presenting a project that you don’t like can often be torture. It’s already bad enough that presenting is hardly a preference for most of us, if in addition it is necessary to talk about a subject that doesn’t inspire us, that takes the cake! Whether you have to present at the request of a boss,…

Are clowns good pitchers?

Humor is a great ingredient to slip into your presentations. Among other tools, if it’s well employed, it allows to create a bond of complicity with your audience. But as great as it is, humor can also be a trap.

Hostile audience, easy as pie!

When someone interrupts to comment or ask questions about your presentation, PowerPoint cannot do anything for you. Especially when the audience is hostile, it is important to quickly take on the appropriate stance so as not to lose control of the presentation. Easier said than done, so how do we do it?

Your mission? Leave a strong impression!

One of the major challenges we face when presenting a project is memorization. We are used to saying that we retain very little of what we hear. So how do we put all the chances on our side to leave a strong impression?

I have nothing to say, but I’m getting treated

Memory blanks, loss of points of reference, difficulty in building thoughts… here’s our 3rd and last article on the fears related to public speaking… So, is it serious doctor?

The revolution of the Audience First!

What do an extrovert, a philosopher and an expert have in common? They all talk too much and tend to irritate their audience in spite of themselves. So, how to avoid becoming the worst nightmare of one’s audience when one is a talkative speaker?

In speech… there’s “speed”!

“How long should a good presentation last?” This question comes up frequently but it is not an easy one to answer. The golden rule would be to keep it short and sweet… but what is short?

Audience Objective n°1

Whether you’re carrying out your projects, or preparing your public speaking engagement, it is crucial to set appropriate goals. But how can you be sure you’re not mistaken?