We are living in a world of “information overload,” permanently hopping between different kinds of media and sampling its highlights.

In order to have a chance at making an impact, you will need to “stage” your presentation and include it under the framework of a global experience – before, during, after – which promotes interest, impact and guarantees that your idea stays firmly embedded in people’s minds.

It’s complicated to keep it simple!

“It’s complicated to keep it simple!” You measure this concept every day when you’re asked to speak. Yet, the experts that we are have a simple belief: keeping it simple is not that complicated!

Help, I don’t know how to tell stories!

Often, PPT presentations rhyme with boredom. Building our remarks in the form of a story seems like THE solution to getting our audience on board. But, we are not all seasoned storytellers. How can we turn our PPT presentation into a story that people want to listen to?

“Less is more”… really?

For years, we have seen slides in companies that are overloaded with texts, numbers, graphs and images. Conversely, the “less is more” motto, pushed to the extreme, is leading to the emergence of slides with no texts. Progress or danger?

Why be simpler and more agile ?

If you assiduously follow us on the networks, it will not have escaped your attention that we have just launched the 3rd version of our HUBSTORY® method, synonymous with simplicity and agility. So how to get into agile mode in your work as well as in the preparation of your presentations?

TABLES AND SLIDES: a marriage condemned in advance!

Luckily, sometimes there are questions whose technical answer is extremely easy to make use of! So, once in a while, putting a table on a slide is very easy. But we do not recommend you do it…

Today I’m giving a long speech…

To be short, you have to know how to simplify, choose and give things up. But as we rarely work alone, we must also federate, arbitrate and decide. It can be a long and tedious job. But it is job that pays in the end and that will lead you to shake up habits, challenge…

We often meet our destiny on the paths we take to avoid it

Many of you avoid speaking in public whenever you can. Because it’s petrifying, because it makes you feel sick, because you’re embarrassed, because you don’t like it… among you there is an incalculable pool of talents and project leaders, who just need to be identified, trained and motivated to take your place and make your…

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable

If you want to impress your audience with figures, remember that the brain has trouble grasping large numbers. It is always effective to make comparisons with the budget of a country or the surface of a known building. The more concrete the frame of reference is, the more you will make an impact. To reread…

Form is content appearing on the surface

There is no need to be a graphic designer to make effective slides. Often slides are overloaded because those who create them think that their work will not be evaluated on its quality, but on the amount of information that is projected. If, on the other hand, your ideas are clear and you are focused…