How to dress to present well?

The question of how to dress arises regularly. Obviously, with respect to the exercise of presenting, there is no specific dress code… Whether you want to have a style, be audacious or simply comfortable, anything is possible as long as you keep in mind some important facts.

Though “clothes do not make the man,” we must recognize that we aught to believe it. When we meet someone for the first time, the brain takes an average of a 150ms to get a first impression and to begin to answer the basic question: can I trust him? By blurring your tracks with an offbeat look, although the effect may be interesting, you’re taking the risk of complicating and therefore delaying the moment your audience will fully listen to your message.

Inappropriate attire is also likely to give your audience the impression that you don’t take the exercise seriously. This poses a real danger because, regardless of the quality of your presentation, those who feel you don’t respect them will always find a way to be against you. It is all the more a pity since with respect comes well-being and positive thinking.

That being said, your outfit is also a powerful way to make a strong impression. Whether by elegance or coquetry, you will help install a strong image that will make your message linger. So, even though there are some constraints to adhere to, know that you have a wide choice in building an image of yourself that is both consistent with your personality, your audience and the message you want to convey.