Take a vacation

It is time for Ze advisors to go reenergize themselves and it will do you some good too. In any case, a good presentation doesn’t limit itself to a finite list of practical tips. Because you’ll always need a sharp, alert and open mind for the advice to be be meaningful. But before setting a date to meet after the break, here’s a last tip to accompany you this summer: look around you!

What makes an image, a gesture or an action meaningful? What does this meaning tell you about yourself or others? What will it awaken in you? What does it make you want to say or do? While watching what’s going on around you be aware of all these moments. If they are not too fleeting, think about getting out your smartphone and taking a picture. Gradually, among your souvenir photos and pretty pictures, you’ll also have photos that make sense. And with time, you’ll see that you’ll amass a great image data base to illustrate your slides.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again on September 4th. To not miss the date think about subscribing.