We are what we repeatedly do

Too often neglected, rehearsing is the key to successful speaking. In all fields of activity, experts demonstrate that by rehearsing, they instill more confidence, generate more commitment and strengthen their leadership.

What do Steve Jobs, Michael Phelps, Freddie Mercury and Yves Saint Laurent all have in common? Masters in their respective arts, they all gained their ease and expertise over many years of hard work, tireless training and constant rehearsing. The American writer Gladwell even theorized that to become an expert, it takes at least 10000 hours of training.

Speaking in public is a discipline like any other and is no exception to the rule of training. Steve Jobs, whose keynote speech is still a reference today was known to work very hard and rehearse up to 80 hours before an event. Similarly, TED conference speakers are reputed to rehearse on average nearly 200 hours for a 15-minute speech!

There are no secrets or innate talents hidden behind the ease that some of us have in speaking. Rehearsal time is the pivotal moment of your speaking engagement, where you will be able to put yourself in the situation and make all the mistakes that you will no longer make on D-day.

In the theater, where one slips into the skin of the character, rehearsals make it possible to anchor the attitude, the personality and the identity of the individual to embody. Similarly, in a speech, rehearsal makes it possible to assert oneself and one’s message and consolidate one’s leadership. By rehearsing, you will gain confidence, adopt the right speech mechanisms and automatically appear more at ease and natural.

So, don’t wait any longer, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

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