Why do good speakers project such strong leadership?

When speaking it’s important to realize that being comfortable is not an end in itself. Ease obviously provides more comfort but it is by no means a guarantee of performance. In terms of personal and professional development, the goal is to be identified as a speaker who is capable of creating adhesion among the audience and prompting their commitment. In fact, very good speakers have an almost magnetic effect on their audience by generating especially admiration, desire and enthusiasm. Consciously or not, their speaking encompasses three pillars of leadership: to protect, guide and inspire. Thus, they naturally attract in their midst those who need help, who have questions and who have ideas.

Protect – An important dimension of leadership consists of establishing and maintaining trust. This requires an ability to protect and reassure teams that are faced with upcoming changes. As we have already seen, trust is the playing field of a good speaker, who occupies it with his expertise sincerity and commitment. Speakers who know how to listen to their audience and make the effort to adapt their remarks and positioning to the needs and expectations of their audiences enhance this sense of security.

Guide – The role of a leader also consists of showing the way by guiding the understanding and learning process. Experienced speakers have the ability to capture and maintain attention. And they don’t do it simply to entertain but to strengthen the impact of their remarks, which are clearly expressed and optimized so they are understood and remembered.

Inspire – What is probably the most representative of great leaders is their ability to give meaning to their own actions as well as to those of their teams. Speakers who pay particular attention to the meaning they give to their presence and the ideas they stand for are those who leave a deeper impact. They are able to do this because, by inspiring their audience, they activate what is most emotionally attractive to each of us: our values and ideals.