Why do you get up in the morning?

There are many techniques to capture and keep people’s attention. But before starting the slide design, before defining the storytelling, and even before you express your key message, there’s one essential thing you should ask yourself: why are you doing this? The answer to this question defines how your presentation will impact your audience. Because, by knowing the purpose of your involvement, you naturally meet the most basic need of the audience: to be inspired.

When we dare to look at the statistics, we see that on a world scale, every day, the equivalent of the entire population of the United States who listens to a presentation declares being bored. How can we not be alarmed at such a waste? That’s over 380 million people who go home and instead of having learned, understood or exchanged, they’ve only found that time went by too slowly. This observation makes the question “why” all the more essential, which is both the essence of sincerity and commitment.

Look around for those whose leadership seems to radiate naturally. You will always see something in their eyes that gives the feeling that they know where they’re going and, more importantly, they have a very strong reason to go there. This feeling is often enough to make us want to follow them. And you? Why do you get up in the morning?