Can we take the risk of badly presenting our ideas?

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Great presentations spark innovation !

In a world where companies have to constantly adapt and change with the times, it is essential to generate new ideas and bring them to fruition.

This is why each presentation is a moment of truth at the service of innovation, a strategic tool in gaining people’s approval and commitment in tackling future change.

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The association of three complementary types of expertise

Courtesy High Standards Optimism

3 fundamental values that guide our approach


Because “positive thinking” is the driving force behind ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship; Believing in ones ideas and defending them with optimism is an indispensable ingredient in any presentation exercise in order to be heard, understood and to win-over your audience.


Because the attention we pay to others is at the heart of our vision and our approach; we are on your side and beside you to help you present your ideas effectively. Being courteous is also essential in making you a sincere speaker who earns the audience’s trust.

High Standards

Because there is no good presentation without full commitment; Setting high standards results in a good story that captures attention, effective visual aids that make an impact and being perfectly prepared to clearly and sincerely express ideas.

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The HubStory®

The 1st of the step-by-step process to effectively present your ideas

Because a presentation is part of a strategic issue, it needs a strategic solution. We created the robust HUBSTORY® method, combining tools that have shown their effectiveness through hundreds of missions coaching you, step-by-step, in co-building your speaking engagements.

Our coaching method: HubStory®

Transform your ideas, step-by-step, into stories

Our Storymanagers®, the real “stage directors” of your speeches, guide you one step at a time, in clearly expressing and presenting your ideas in all circumstances.

The complete HubStory® Coaching program follows a proven iterative process that guarantees a more pertinent and impactful speech that can be delivered faster.  The program is composed of:

  • 4 co-creation workshops, to identify the strategic ingredients of your presentation
  • 3 written feedback report phases by our teams, to structure, reformulate and design the various slides

Pitch/Audience co-creation workshop

1/2 day workshop

Formulating a good pitch is a vital step in expressing, in a clear, concise and inspiring manner, what your idea will change for the audience who is listening to you.

This is the base on which you will build your entire presentation, the single basic component that will allow you to create the desire for change.

Analyzing and reformulating your pitch

Storytelling co-creation workshop

1/2 day workshop

Every story is a narrative about change. Using our storytelling tools, we create a story about the change your idea will bring about.

We will identify the narrative strategy that will break down resistance and optimize the audience’s approval and commitment to your idea.

Analyzing and reformulating your storyboard

Storyboard & Design co-creation workshop

1/2 day workshop

At this stage, the Storyboard tool allows you to simplify your content to amplify your message, with one objective: to strengthen the impact and the complementarity of the duo speaker/slides.

We also define the creative preferences for your slides for heightened impact and better audience recall.

Designing the visual aides of your presentation

Leadership coaching workshop

1/2 day workshop

93% of the impact of a message is due to non-verbal cues. Beyond your words, your sincerity and commitment are above all what makes it possible to leave a lasting impression.

At this stage, we run rehearsals to develop your self-confidence and to fully express your leadership style.

How can we help you ?

Is your subject complex, sensitive or high stakes? We coach you step by step in clarifying your ideas, structuring your subject, formulating your key messages and designing your visual aides. Then we prepare you for your speech by strengthening the way you express your leadership.

  • Positioning and strategic plans
  • Launching products and services
  • A large change management project
  • Sales presentation
  • Responding to an invitation to tender
  • Fundraising event

Do you want to create an event that makes an impact, but you have several speakers who don’t all have the same speaking level? We help you to structure the overall consistency of the speeches in terms of message, rhythm and format. We prepare the speakers, from a distance if necessary, in order to develop and verify everyone’s progress by.

  • Acting as the editorial team of your events
  • Inspirational presentations (TED Talks®)
  • Speaker rehearsals
  • Developing leadership personas
  • Conducting seminars
  • Preparing round table events

Do you need to sensitize your teams to the challenges of public speaking, eloquence, pitch, storytelling and designing their presentations? We create and conduct conferences and workshops, or tailor-made training courses, which help your teams to become more mobilized and autonomous.

  • Training and conference on Pitch, Storytelling and leadership
  • Discovery workshop on our methods and team building
  • Coaching and Media training

Do you need to unite and embark your teams on writing a new chapter of your history? We guide you step-by-step with a series of workshops that help you use the art of storytelling to clarify ideas, bring your teams together and remove resistance inherent to any change.

  • Creativity workshops
  • “Big Idea” workshop, to develop your vision of the company
  • “Storytelling” workshop to unite your teams around a new project

They trust us

Most of the topics we deal with are confidential, but if you would like to know more about the efficiency of our services, we will be happy to put you in touch with those who put their trust in us on a daily basis.

Do you want to effectively share and defend your ideas?

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Bruno has that rare gift of gathering all the energies together and getting the best out of each of us so that in the end, the idea, THE IDEA, comes from us all, is accepted by us all, and is presented by us all.

Special Operations Manager

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It’s the best assistance in storytelling we’ve experienced! It’s all in the listening, in suppleness, with an implacable methodology, and in the great pleasure of working collaboratively with Bruno. It’s a new way of presenting Sagarmatha, which has won the support of both our internal teams and our clients. At Sagarmatha “WE LIKE ZEPRESENTERS!”

Managing Director

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ZEPRESENTERS is the Nespresso of presentations! It’s simpler and always guarantees a good presentation! And more importantly, once you’ve tasted it, all you’ll want to say is “What else”!


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