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Help, I have too much to say!

We have all seen overly long presentations, which we didn’t remember much about. And yet, when our turn comes to present, we tend to do exactly what we blame others for. The result: our presentations are also too long, with a lot of unnecessary details against the background of slides filled with tables and bullet…

The limits of a pitch in companies

The subject of the pitch is on everyone’s lips yet it is not the solution to everything. First of all, you would no doubt have to wonder what is a pitch anyway? A short speech that makes the audience want to know more? A way to unite teams and advance a project? In other words,…

Help, I don’t know what to do with my hands

“What do I do with my hands?” This is certainly not the first question you ask yourself in the morning or when you’re about to begin a presentation. However, on D-Day, if you are nervous and panicked in front of your audience, you will think about your posture, and your attention may focus on your hands. You’ll bombard…

And what if I wasn’t made for speaking in public ?

In the United States, a study found that the fear of speaking in public was stronger than the fear of dying… it’s crazy, and yet it’s true. 75% of Americans surveyed dread public speaking! So, let’s start by reassuring ourselves: we don’t risk our lives by speaking in public. “Ah, we already feel better!” Beyond…

How to convey my emotions ?

Who hasn’t dreamed of easily sharing their emotions when speaking in public? Or conquering the crowds; or being an outstanding speaker like Oprah Winfrey; Or having Barack Obama’s charisma in order to position yourself as a leader and model. Who secretly hasn’t dreamed of making grand speeches like Winston Churchill, other than in front of…

How to present before a packed room?

Last week, we were helping you bounce back from the disappointment of an empty room. Today, we are helping you face the panic of a packed room!

How to present in front of an empty room?

You’ve been preparing for your intervention for months, but on D-Day, your audience can be counted on one hand. So, how do you bounce back from such a disappointment?

Must you be an actor to present well?

We often hear that those who perform in theater are better at speaking. But do you have to be an actor to present well?

3 tips on how to get pleasure out of presenting

In our Thursday tips, we often tell you that the goal in speaking is not to look comfortable or to have great stories to tell with nice slides to show… the goal is to truly feel what drives all those who know how to defend the cause of their ideas: enjoyment! Associating pleasure and public…